What age did you get interested in Music?

When I was 12 years of age I got a scholarship as a choir boy at St Patricks Cathedral College in Melbourne, Australia. Singing in the great cathedral halls and discovering the works of 18th Century composers such as Bach and Handel had a profound and lasting influence on me.


What is your primary instrument?

I play guitar, piano and sing. Over the last decade, I refined my craft as a session musician and arranger for international artists and record producers including Charles Fisher (Savage Garden, 1927, Tor+) Jay Newland (Nora Jones, Eran James). I have performed on my film scores; this process has helped me uncover my own voice


When did you get your first professional Film Scoring job?

Eran James (Universal) and I were playing warm up gigs in lead up to a National tour supporting Sir Elton John. After the show, I noticed a guy who smiled at me and introduced himself, we talked for a while and discovered we both love cinema. I told him I had just completed a few short film scores. The next thing blew my mind, he handed me his card and said I am a producer looking to hire a composer for a feature film. That film was called The Nothing Men (2010).


What inspired you to want to work in the Film business?

I always curious about the craft of film making. How films were created, the story telling, imagery and music. Going to the cinema and watching films, was a great form of education and escapism during my youth. I remember watching Spielberg’s Close Encounters (1977) and I was completely overwhelmed by it sheer beauty and expressive power. Hearing John Williams’ score for the first time, inspired me to want work in the film business.