Behind The Score

TIES THAT BIND  Sydney film festival 2019 

Producer Gillian Moody (Kalori Productions) officially offered me the role of composer in late February 2019. Writer-Director Michael Hudson, Gillian and I started discussions about the tone of the score. We agreed on a minimal atmospheric guitar score. 

Michael and I discussed the scores role in the film, we explored musical ideas that could support the characters journey in a subtle way. This part of the process is exhilarating and daunting, as you don’t know if the score will do its primary job and live in harmony with the film makers vision. Offical scoring commenced in March. I decided to work in free time to evoke a sense of uneasiness, inspired by Neil Young’s recording methods on Jim Jarmush’s Dead Man (1995).

I recorded several live performances to picture and chose takes that illuminated warmth and confidence. I learnt this technique from having the privilege of spending time with one of Australia’s most respected producers Charles Fisher ‘The best ears in the business’.

The final score was mixed by sound designer Dr Andrew Belletty. Hearing it at the premier in Sydney was a personal highlight. The sound world Belletty created was immersive and beautiful.


TIES THAT BIND world premier Sydney Film Festival 2019.

From L to R Kirsten Gleeson Writer/Director Michael Hudson Composer Robert John Sedky Producer Gillian Moody.